Let It Go, Honey!!

We cannot change what we did, but we can start a new story with a better ending.

This is a thought that I often hold in my mind. Our mind can be powerful and at the same time, it can be silly too. We can turn it anytime, anywhere as per our wish and desire. But, if we use it wisely, it can create miracles.

The elementary aspect of life is how you feel about yourself and how much you know your self-worth.

The habit of holding thoughts about what happened in the past only destroys your present. But if we avoid thinking about those thoughts, we can change a lot in our lives. Identify what you need and start working on it.

Let it go, Girl!! Don’t dwell on your freedom and happiness with your past experiences. Don’t forget you are a free bird. You have your destiny. Just have faith in yourself. Whenever you feel down, try some walk, do exercise, or listen to your favorite playlist. Or talk to your old friend, with whom you have shared your childhood. Just don’t hold grudges or bad feelings towards anything, anyone.

Look into your life with a broader vision. Try to identify what is missing. Don’t stay with your problems. Instead, find the solution. Every problem has a solution, whether you accept it or not and the solution is within us. With a positive outlook towards our life, you will find yourself happy and productive. 

The primary element that I have learned is to say “NO”. “LEARN TO SAY NO” for the tasks, activities, or relations that you do not want to perform or enter. This exercise helps to keep your mind healthy in all unfavorable situations. 

Be a fearless lioness. Keep your honesty, loyalty, and wisdom alive. Don’t let any negative thoughts or people kill it. Because in the end, the only thing that matters is YOU. Be passionate about making things possible, whatever it is. Avoid the excuses that you ever used to stay protective of others. Do not hold anger. Do not let anyone control you. You are beautiful, strong, and self-reliant. You are a PERFECTION. 

Support others. Stay active. Avoid critics. Put yourself FIRST.

Stay relaxed and vibrant. Spread happiness with your smile to every corner. Do not let down your parents or loved ones.

Keep yourself calm and composed. Start meditating and try to know yourself. The moment you start loving yourself, you will understand your own worth. Try to feel every moment of life. The moment once gone will never come back and will become memories. And remember, memories are always beautiful.

In the end, all I want to say is, maintain the standard of your words, be flawless. Stop taking things personally. Do as you like but give it your best. Do not create trouble for others. Love unconditionally but do not expect the same in return. Stop expecting from life. Feel the moment. Respect others. But most importantly, love YOURSELF and let it go!

With Love,



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