Hey Pals!

I have a scenario, well more like a situation! 

Imagine you just woke up and find out that you’ve got a message from your boss, saying, “Hey buddy! Let’s not work today. Go enjoy your day.”

How amazing it will be, right? (Well! It won’t happen :P). But, what if it does. What if you get an opportunity like this. What would you do? How would you spend your day? Doing productive stuff or just chilling and enjoy doing nothing?

I don’t know about you people but if I get this opportunity, I would think of giving a shot to start the day with some productive stuff. After THINKING, I will end up spending the whole day doing nothing but being lazy, and trust me that will be the absolute possible case. 

Chilling! Chilling! and just Chilling! AH!!!!!! How amazing it would be…….

Well, let’s get back to the topic. I have to stop daydreaming man…. Ughh..

Do you know lazy people are the most productive and talented personalities? Shocking, right? I didn’t know it until I read the interview with Mr. Bill Gates. 

Once, in an interview, he said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

After reading that statement and his thoughts, I started thinking, what if I have an opportunity to work in his company. Ahh… What a dream!! I am working in Microsoft reporting directly to Mr. Gates……hmm…

Well, after that interview, I started looking at myself as a lazy bird so that I could support his statement. 😀 LOL

Hey, I am not saying that you should start seeing me as the lazy bird, the cuckoo (that we all are aware of).

To be honest, I started looking at myself as one. And despite the behaviour, I started looking at their qualities. 

These birds are so lazy, man. They don’t make their nest, instead, they lay their eggs in other bird’s nest. Still, they are capable enough to give a healthy life to their baby cuckoos. With such a life mystery, the baby cuckoos are not even raised by their parents, these kids never lose to impress and amaze us with their qualities. They still manage to amaze us by their amazing voice.

Hence, nothing matters! 

What do you do? What you don’t do? Who you are? From where you are? The only thing that matters the most is YOU

What do you want to do? Your aims? What do you expect from life? Where do you belong? And most importantly are you working on it or not?

Just like the cuckoo, we, humans have incredible potential to fulfill our dreams and aims. Usually, we settle our minds and get comfortable in our made-up comfort zone so nicely that we are not even aware of the loss we are heading to. Loss, loss of our own time to do something productive, to something amazing with our lives. Something to work for our aims and dreams. We cling ourselves to the things so badly, that we forget to discover ourselves, to discover our potential of doing something amazing.

All we have to do is to come out of our den, our so-called made up comfort zone, and try to find the ways to reach the objective of our life with a zeal to fulfill and live the exciting adventure.

So, let’s decide to start our lazy ass day with the excitement to find ourselves and our dream. 

Let us know in the comment section, how you make it more thrilling & exciting.

For now, TADAAAA…

Have a lazy day, people!!

With love,

The Lazy Bird


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