The Office – A Girl’s Dream

In this century, womanhood is an entirely different experience in one’s (female) life. With the real understanding of independency, it changes the entire definition of being a woman. A woman considers herself as a grown, once she understands the real meaning of being independent.

The fight of equality has grown women in a way that they are now excelling not only emotionally but also financially. They are now more involved with their families & are more financially supportive.

Society, being always a social hypocrite, will perpetually have a misconception about this independent girl. They will judge, they will criticize her in all possible ways. They will try everything so that they can break her; stop her. But, they will never let her cherish her dreams productively.

In India, we have been taught not only to worship God but also to Goddesses. Goddess, a Woman, has been worshipped with our whole heart. There has been no discrimination between God and Goddess.  

Then, why a woman does not deserve the same respect? Why there is massive discrimination?

A woman is strong enough to leave all the shits aside and can move ahead towards the dream that she always wanted to fulfill. She is always aware of her powers. She is stronger than anyone can ever imagine, strong enough to work at the office and handle the house chores at the same time.

Despite having all the qualities, she has to fight for her dreams, for her rights, unlike men.

To stand out from the queue, she always has to be different.

She works. She goes to the office and makes that place her second home!

Kudos to individuality/ independence!

Even if she works for others, intrinsically works for herself. Every step makes her closer to her dream and one day she will touch the finishing line. She believes it. She has the potential. She is different. And she knows it.

There is a great saying by Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson, 

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Although we still have a long way to go, women are having more control over situations, actions, or tasks whether it is family, finances, careers, or lifestyle.

She bargains to be the role model of her kids but never compromises to be the best. She tries to understand her kids with all zeal & treat them as different and unique individuals holding zero judgments. She attempts every possible action to make them happy. She makes them feel special and satisfied. At the same time, she works on their interests and talents to bring it out. Her regular exercises will help them to grow as confident, cheerful & optimistic, later lead them to grow successfully in their career & life.

Kids always look at their parents as the epitome of their lives, especially their mothers and we all agree. After all, she is the person a child meets first.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as an independent woman?

This journey is all about you. How do you feel? How do you see yourself?

Let me tell you about me. I see myself as a self-reliant woman with self-respect. I am the same girl having the dream of getting success. 

The moment I understood the true meaning of these things, I started loving myself explicitly. It feels fantastic to take control of your own life. Now, I love to spend time with myself, all alone. 

A person needs lots of courage to be assertive while having downfalls. That too you need to learn. All I know is I have to be confident, consistent & realistic. I need to work on my strengths with weaknesses altogether. All this effort to make my personality to be a BETTER ME!!

But always remember, being independent does not mean always working for someone. 

 It also means, working for self but keeping others in mind. 

It also means, being confident and capable of doing things you like or want or makes your heart happy. Makes you HAPPY!!

Let’s work to bring out the best within ourselves.

Meanwhile, let me know if you have some experiences and tips to share where we can build a better version of ourselves, feel free to share.

With love,

The Girl with her dreams



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